Today everyone can have their own virtual fridge

Free groceries from your virtual fridge. Thanks to the Internet and our application today everyone can have their own virtual fridge. You can have your virtual fridge in every house, apartment, city and village. You can easily no longer waste food and share with others, help those in need and protect the planet from climate change.

Have you bought or made too much food? Don't feel like eating something anymore? Do you want to change your diet and lifestyle? Do you have a full fridge and you're going on vacation tomorrow? Your child is allergic or doesn't want tasty porridge? Are you feeling lonely? Has your pet passed away and is left with food? Are you afraid of climate change? Or want to simply help? DON'T THROW AWAY FOOD, SHARE WITH OTHERS

Download the app and share food

  • It will take you 30 seconds to add an item
  • you do not have to remove the ads, after the indicated date the product itself will disappear from your fridge
  • no matter how many products you have added you can contact other users without restrictions
  • decide how to donate food
  • peek at your neighbors' fridges and choose for yourself what you like
  • share your virtual fridge or added products with friends and acquaintances on social media
  • support our idea with voluntary donations

With our app

  • you can share food with those in need, neighbors or friends
  • you won't waste (throw away) food
  • you will reduce your food expenses
  • you will get to know your neighbors and build relationships
  • but above all, you will start saving our planet

In response to the problem of food waste, we urge a new fashion and joint "neighborhood" dinners😊.


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